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all events will be held at genuine way family therapy

Information/education and raw conversation on all things Moms:
· How to be mindful when life feels monotonous 
· How to navigate relationship changes prompted by parenthood 
· How to tackle mom guilt 
· And so much more...

You may join in-person or virtually!

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 6-7pm in 2022

facilitated by missy jenneman

Moms Support Group

Join other local foster parents in exploring and addressing areas of commonality. Various topics and conversation points will be covered, based on specific areas of group interest. You can expect to hear about shifting family dynamics, navigating new and changing relationship roles, anniversary date stressors, etc. We have a scholarship available for one family who verbalizes interest in such an option!


*Contuining Education available through this offering.

facilitated by melissa schoen

Foster Parent Support Group

Abuse from those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder or narcissistic traits can be very damaging to those affected. If you have experienced items such as being gaslighted, being manipulated, having deteriorated confidence and worth, etc., then this group is for you. We welcome you with open arms and hope to educate/guide you into realizations that lead to healing and growth. 

facilitated by missy jenneman
starting in april

Narcissistic Abuse Support Group

Teen years are often filled with life transitions, developmental changes, and trying to navigate identity. This group is for tweens/teens ages 12-17 who may be struggling with the various changes that life is presenting. Teens will learn about life-long coping skills, navigating difficult conversations, setting healthy boundaries, self-care, etc. 

facilitated by missy jenneman
starting in august

Teen Anxiety Group

Are you a parent or guardian within a blended family? Do you desire to have more peace and clarity within your household and family dynamics? During this group, we will discuss the unique challenges that adults within blended families often experience and support you in your family journey!

for adults
facilitated by melissa schoen

Blended Families Support Group

This group is for those aged 12-17 who may be struggling with their self-worth. We will explore the areas of society and daily life that impact our self-talk, confidence, and worth & how to improve such items. This is a group that focuses on realistic, yet growth and skills minded conversation. 

facilitated by karah gonstead
starting in september

Self-Worth Group for Teens


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